Third Pa. jail officer fired over missing money

November 29, 2013

BEAVER – A third officer has been fired from a western Pennsylvania county jail where an inmate’s $2,800 went missing.

The Beaver County Times reported 53-year-old guard Dan Fleishman has been fired. The guard’s union is filing a grievance over his termination, which could result in reinstatement or other outcomes.

Two other officers who aren’t covered by the union, 39-year-old Lt. Mario Monac and 37-year-old Sgt. Thomas Fouse, were previously fired. Fouse hasn’t commented, but Monac told the county’s prison board he didn’t “see, touch, take, steal, profit from or spend the money.”

Warden William Schouppe said there’s no evidence Fleishman took the money, and nobody has been criminally charged. But the warden says Fleishman didn’t report the incident until July 13, even though the money went missing June 12.



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