The Grinch stole Thanksgiving

The Grinch stole Thanksgiving

December 3, 2013

The Grinch stole my Thanksgiving this year.

Black Friday has become Black Thursday, now eliminating yet another family holiday. I suppose next year we’ll have Black Wednesday and the idea of Thanksgiving will be lost forever.

Thanks to excessive government regulation and taxation, full-time jobs are now as rare as hen’s teeth. Shoppers and bargain hunters should remember when they choose to shop instead of sharing a meal with family that many service workers had no choice but to work. Their choice is working or being unemployed.

Since the old blue laws were repealed, there are no longer any family days. Unless you are lucky enough to have a government job or traditional 40-hour work week, holidays are just another work day.

I suppose next year, Christmas will become National Gift Exchange Day and family will become just another fond memory of the good old days.

Terrence Sellers



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