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A number of big local bucks are in the record books

A number of local bucks are in the record books

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Years ago, you heard of big bucks being taken in various parts of Washington and Greene counties. That has certainly changed.

Today, cellphones are passed from hand to hand and hunters squint in the daylight to see someone with a big buck that might have been taken locally or in some western state.

Never has the old axiom, don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see, ever held more truth.

Many times my answer to heresay and phone photos is that when it is entered into the record book, I’ll believe it.

Thinking along those lines, I started to think about the big bucks that were taken locally and entered into the books for Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett.

The best typical buck in the archery category is a giant taken by Tim Kerns a few years ago that scored in the mid-170s.

I had the pleasure of measuring it with John Dino and Bobby Rogers.

The top nontypical buck, which had 36 points, topped 200 and was downed by Gerry Sikunis of Washington.

While Kerns’ buck would also be the top buck in the area, the Sikunis buck was taken in Allegheny County, so I have to look elsewhere for a big buck taken in the two-county area.

The top one for archery appears to be a buck taken by Jason Burger of Monongahela in 2009 that scored in the mid-140s.

Moving to the firearms division, there is little question which resident of the two-county area downed the best buck. That standing belongs to the second-best typical buck taken in either county, the one belonging to Ivan Perry of Greene County. The buck scored 184 and can be seen in the window of a sporting good store in Waynesburg.

Taken in the 1970s, Perry’s buck is the top Pennsylvania typical buck in the Boone & Crockett record book.

As I look at the nontypical class for firearms, I see another familiar name. It was another tremendous buck shot in Washington County by Rennie Cologiovanni of Monongahela near his home. The buck scored 188.

I realize that these positions might change after this year’s take is tallied, but for now, those are the top four bucks in those four categories.

But there are many other memorable bucks that are related to the area either by the hunter who shot them, or the area where they were taken.

Ron Labrosse took a large Boone & Crockett buck in Washington County, while Dale Robinson of New Eagle shot a big buck in archery season in McKean County.

Robinson’s buck was a large mountain deer, and I scored it the same week I measured a big Greene County buck shot by Adrian Whipkey of Holbrook. The Robinson buck scored 157, while Whipkey’s was 156.

Another buck I remember well, didn’t make the book. Because of that, I can’t recall who shot it, but it was a 6-point that scored around 130. That is an extraordinary 6-point to score that high because the length of each point is added into the final score. Add two more points of only five inches each and you can added 10 points to the score.

That was one oversized 6-point.

• My daughter, Kathy Ward, loves animals and fishing but doesn’t hunt. Since her hobby is training dogs, I loaned her one of my magazines with a great article on wolves.

After a couple of days, she called saying she would return the magazine in a couple of days, but it was one of the best she had read.

The magazine was Fair Chase, the official magazine of Boone & Crockett, the nation’s oldest conservation group.

It tells you something about the quality of the magazine when the praise comes from a non-hunter.

My personal copies are well read by my neighbors and friends, and sometimes I have a hard time getting them back.

The magazine is the best of the many I receive.

• The Pennsylvania Big Game Records book is available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission in Harrisburg. The cost is just $5, and it makes a nice present for any hunter.

George H. Block writes an Outdoors column for the Observer-Reporter.

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