Respect the flag

December 16, 2013

On Dec. 7, I attended the Waynesburg Christmas Parade. Shortly after the American flag passed by, I was tapped on the shoulder by one of the gentlemen carrying the flag. He proceeded to thank me for removing my hat and standing at attention as the colors passed by. He also said that along the entire parade route, there was only one other man who showed the American flag the respect that it deserves.

This praise made me feel good. However, I was appalled at the fact that of all the men and boys at that parade, only two of us appeared to know that when the U.S. flag passes by, you should remove your hat, place it over your heart and stand quietly until it passes by.

As a nation, have we fallen so far that we no longer teach our children how and when to show our flag respect? Did all the men and women who gave their lives defending our flag die for nothing? If we as a nation no longer recognize and respect the flag, why should we expect anyone in the rest of the world to respect it or us?

Ivan Finogle



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