#5- Skylar Neese’s body found in Greene County

Top 10 local Greene County stories of 2013

December 27, 2013
Skylar Neese

The disappearance of a 16-year old Star City, W.Va., teen ended in tragedy on Jan. 16 when her body was identified as one found on off of Morris Run in Wayne Township. She had been murdered. Skylar Annette Neese was reported missing from the James Place Apartments on Crawford Avenue on July 7, 2012, by her parents Dave and Mary Neese.

Investigators were led to the scene by Rachel Shoaf, 17, of Morgantown,W.Va., who subsequently pleaded guilty to the stabbing death of Neese in exchange for her cooperation against her alleged accomplice, Sheila Eddy, 17, of Morgantown. Eddy’s family lives about three miles from the scene on Eddy’s Run Road.

The Neeses said Skylar considered Shoaf and Eddy to be her best friends. After her disappearance, Eddy helped distribute flyers and search for Neese. The only motive given for taking Neese’s life came from Shoaf, who said they simply did not want to be friends with her any longer.

Eddy was arrested on May 1, 2012. Both girls’ cases were elevated to adult status by the court.

As part of the plea agreement with Shoaf, Monongalia County Prosecuting Attorney Marcia Ashdown has recommended a minimum sentence of 20 years inprison.

Eddy is scheduled to go to trial for first-degree murder on Jan. 28 in W.Va. Circuit Court.



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