Media should emphasize flag respect

December 28, 2013

It is written that “hope springs eternal in the human breast.” I do not argue with that. However, from my point of view, hope without action serves no useful purpose.

Accolades and kudos to Ivan Finogle for his outstanding Dec. 17 letter, “Respect the flag.” Finogle asks, “As a nation, have we fallen so far that we no longer teach our children how and when to show our flag respect?” Obviously, and shamefully, the answer is yes.

During my most productive years, I traveled widely, which enabled me to observe nationalism the world over. It is my conclusion that the absence of proper respect for a national flag is endemic in the United States. This all came about because of the Vietnam conflict and the military draft.

This must not be allowed to continue. The help of each and every citizen is needed. To that end, it would be helpful if the media made a priority issues related to respect for the flag.

Paul Lagojda

Cumberland Township

Media should emphasize flag respect


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