Thumbs up for the Mystery Photo

December 28, 2013

A letter appeared Dec. 22 criticizing the use of the Mystery Photo on the front page of the Monday edition of the Observer-Reporter because the space should be used to publish more important news.

I can turn on the TV for news that depresses and disgusts me anytime. The Observer-Reporter publishes a lot of these stories. I, for one, look forward to and enjoy the Mystery Photo. It is interesting to find out the memories the photo evokes or the changes that have taken place where the photo was taken. From the responses the photos receive, it appears readers are happy and pleased to supply information.

Please continue the Mystery Photo. It is so much more pleasant than headlines about murder, robbery, molestation and corruption.

Thank you, Park Burroughs, for your work.

Roberta McElhaney

Blaine Township

Thumbs up for the Mystery Photo


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