Big shoes to fill in Robinson

December 28, 2013

For the past six years, Robinson Township has been privileged to have strong, effective and competent leadership. The township’s planning commission, zoning hearing board and supervisors have all worked together to create a sound government for taxpayers.

When Brian Coppola took office six years ago as a supervisor, he inherited the township’s $250,000 debt, which was the result of poor decisions, lawsuits and zoning ordinances that did not protect residents.

Over many years, I have attended the monthly meetings held by both the planning commission and the supervisors. I have watched the township go from being dysfunctional and indebted, to one that runs smoothly and is debt-free.

Today, the township is financially stable. It has taken steps to adopt better ordinances, which serve to not only improve the township for its residents, but also protect them.

I applaud the current leaders of the township and encourage the new supervisors to continue with the strong, effective and competent leadership we have had these past six years. They have big shoes to fill,

Cathy Lodge


Big shoes to fill in Robinson


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