Thinking like a progressive

Thinking like a progressive

January 4, 2014

According to recent news reports, Democrats are making an increase in the minimum wage part of their core strategy for the 2014 midterm elections. I am a little disappointed that liberals are only advocating a federal minimum-wage increase to $10.10 an hour. If raising the minimum wage can make our lives better, why are they not demanding $50 an hour, or heck, $1,000 an hour? That would really improve my life and I could be richer than individuals who have been working their whole lives to create a successful business. That is why I am asking progressives and liberals to join me as I begin to advocate for an $1,000-an-hour minimum wage. Just think, poverty could be abolished at this rate, right?

Where are we going to get all this money to afford such an increase? Well, we can just call up our good friends at the Federal Reserve and have them magically print up a bunch of money to cover it, can’t we? With this strategy, we can create wealth out of thin air. It is brilliant.

What if businesses increase the cost of their products because the dollar is now worth less? Well, we can call up our good friends in Congress and ask them to set the prices for goods and services by law so businesses can’t unfairly charge us more.

What if businesses start to close because they can’t operate at the higher costs? Well, we can have our congressmen force them, by law, to stay open to serve the public good.

Jaret Romano



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