Taking responsibility for health care

Taking responsibility for health care

January 6, 2014

The Associated Press article that appeared Wednesday on marketing efforts to uninsured youth made me wonder if the groups advising young adults to opt out of health care coverage because they “don’t need it” have dropped coverage from their own plans for their own children because their kids “don’t need it” either.

Isn’t it irresponsible for young adults to not have health coverage now that it is affordable? The Affordable Care Act makes coverage affordable for almost all income levels. Granted, the healthy young adults will likely use the coverage less than older people, but accidents and illness happen to young and old alike. Obtaining health coverage is not about freedom of choice, but rather it is an issue of personal responsibility. It is inexcusable for young adults to argue they cannot afford coverage when many spend more for their cell phone or cable TV than health care coverage would cost. These people need to grow up and start accepting adult responsibilities.

Our governor and Legislature also need to accept responsibility for not agreeing to the expansion of Medicaid, which would offer coverage for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania residents.

Tim Baker

Eighty Four


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