Three cheers for Tim Hartman

January 11, 2014

Three cheers for Tim Hartman for his cartoon regarding Jerry Sandusky and his efforts to get his pension back from Penn State University. It appeared in the Observer-Reporter Thursday.

I totally agree. I think it’s a joke that he believes he’s entitled to any kind of money, let alone almost $5,000 a month.

Sandusky, whose father, Art Sandusky, did a wonderful thing for the youth of Washington by directing the Brownson House for 30 years, used his heritage, his father’s good name, charity and his relationship with a prestigious state school to perpetrate his crimes against trusting and scared youth.

And he thinks he deserves a pension for this.

Well, if he gets the pension, it needs to go toward paying whatever the cost is to keep him in his comfortable, secure cell, instead of the taxpayers footing the bill.

This man deserves no more press. But I do love that cartoon. Thank you, Tim Hartman, for putting it in perspective.

Marti Frazee



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