Retired Cal U. administrator named new California borough manager

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By Scott Beveridge
Staff Writer
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California firefighter and retired university administrator Timothy Buchanan was hired as California borough manager.

CALIFORNIA – A retired university administrator was named borough manager of California, and he vowed to make public safety his top concern.

“If that’s not placed first, nothing else matters,” said Timothy Buchanan, who began his new job Friday.

His goals include everything from inspecting borough signs to make sure the one-way signs point in the right direction to ensuring police officers are trained and well outfitted.

Buchanan said “interoperability” also is important, a term he’s applying to ensuring a good relationship among the borough, California University of Pennsylvania campus police and Washington County public safety officials.

His salary was set Thursday at $52,500 a year.

“It’s been a busy couple of days,” he said.

Buchanan is a volunteer firefighter in the borough. He retired in September 2012 as executive director of special initiatives at Cal U., a position he held for eight years.

“I love the borough,” he said. “It’s an interesting place with a rich tapestry.”

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