No question on who should fill board vacancy

January 14, 2014

Upon reading Emily Petsko’s Jan. 8 story regarding the North Strabane Township Board of Supervisors, I was puzzled about why there would be a need to appoint someone to a board vacancy when an election had been held and there were sufficient candidates to fill those vacancies. It would seem that the vacancies that were put up for a vote should fall to the next highest vote-getters. Isn’t that the point of elections?

Shouldn’t the people who live, pay taxes and vote in North Strabane Township have the right to choose the person who will best serve the interests of the community? My daughter-in-law and I voted for Neil Kelly and we think our votes should count.

Kelly is and has been an important member of this community. I know Kelly to be an intelligent, scrupulous, dedicated and tenacious problem solver.

Kelly won a significant number of the votes and there really should be no question regarding who should be filling one of the vacancies – certainly not someone who was not among the candidates.

Stephanie Sewell

North Strabane


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