Missing records investigation reaches dead end

North Franklin police find video surveillance footage inconclusive

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Police have reached a dead end in their investigation into the disappearance of records from the North Franklin Township building.

Township police Chief Ron Fox said some of the records identified as missing last year have turned up, while others were located in a file drawer.

“The records were either found, or we were able to reproduce them,” said township police Sgt. Dean Urbanic, who was assigned to the investigation.

Former supervisors Chairman Alex Migyanko asked police in August to investigate the disappearance of township planning commission and personnel records, some dating to 2008. He made the investigation public the following month, saying some the missing records involved those relating to a former solicitor.

Fox said video surveillance of the parking lot was viewed, and it proved inconclusive.

Superserver Martha Ward said it’s possible whoever removed the records brought them back unnoticed.

Other records that had been kept on the computer used by the former business manager were found copied onto zip drives, police said.

If there are any other records missing, it is expected they will turn up when the 2013 township audit gets under way in the spring.

Fox said township files repeatedly have been “mixed up” over many years.

He said township secretary Julianne Dotson is doing a great job of putting the business office back in order.

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