What? No cumin powder?

What? No cumin powder?

January 19, 2014

I very much enjoyed the article about chili in the magazine Living in Washington County. However, I was somewhat disappointed that you included recipes from three individuals who do not reside in Washington County. Granted, they may live near the boundaries or possibly may have lived in the county in the past. But, generally speaking, including the non-county residents makes the issue somewhat Non-Living in Washington County. I would hope more emphasis and contributions would be directed in future editions to exactly that – living in Washington County.

As a chili aficionado, I very much examined the ingredients of each individual’s recipe to see what they use in their concoction. I was somewhat bummed out to find that only one person uses cumin powder in their recipe. This is a staple in true, authentic chili. And I was very disgruntled to find out that five out of eight people used kidney beans, which, by chili standards, is a no-no.

Granted, to each their own, and this article was meant to showcase creativity and not be a competition. But no recipes without black beans, or great northern beans surprised me very much.

Pass me the spoon�.I would have loved to have tried them all.

J. Adam Garrettson



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