South Fayette must embrace Beltway

South Fayette must embrace Beltway

January 25, 2014

This letter is in response to your Jan. 13 article concerning the Turnpike Commission’s announcement that they would be hiring CDR Maguire, Inc. to manage the construction of the extension from the existing six-mile beltway, proceeding southeast into Allegheny County and tying into Washington County at the Allegheny County line.

The confirmation that construction is about to begin puts a spotlight on how the South Fayette Township Board of Commissioners failed to address or recognize the importance of the Southern Beltway. On April 17, the board adopted a map for future land use that was unveiled the week before, with no explanation or reasoning at any public meeting as to why the board removed the title “Mixed Commercial or Industrial/ Residential Mix Area” and changed the title to, “Mixed-Office Commercial/Residential” for the Miller’s Run Road/ Route 50 corridor on the future land use map.

In essence, they took an area that primarily includes established industrial uses and removed the industrial use, fully aware of the proposed Southern Beltway on their own map.

How much public input can one give the commissioners to the realities of future development when, despite all the evidence supplied to them, they failed to realize the significance of the proposed Southern Beltway?

So, thanks to the board and their lack of reason or belief, we, the residents and affected industrial property owners of South Fayette, have a new comprehensive plan that we, the taxpayers, paid a lot of money to complete. Unfortunately, the result is the plan is already out of date.

Take notice of Cecil Township, which adjoins South Fayette, and their success with Southpointe and the benefits it brings to residents.

Instead of hindering the economic growth that the Southern Beltway will bring to South Fayette Township, let’s hope our local government will finally embrace it. Like it or not, the Turnpike Commission is moving the project forward.

John Alan Kosky



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