Mystery Photo: Hot time at the old fair

January 26, 2014
This week’s Mystery Photo

County fairs are fun for people of all ages, as this week’s Mystery Photo proves. It looks as if this group was enjoying an impromptu concert outside a cow barn on a sunny afternoon.

We’re pretty sure this photo was taken at the Washington County Fair, and we think it was taken in the late 1970s or early 1980s, but when exactly is unknown. It may or may not have been published in the newspaper.

We’d like to identify the folks in this picture and hope our readers can help us. We’d also like to pass along their remembrances of the fair and any information they might have on what became of these fairgoers.

If you can help us solve this puzzle, email Park Burroughs, retired executive editor, at, or call and leave a message for him along with your telephone number at 724-222-2200, extension 2400. With a little help, we’ll be able to add some story to this photo and publish our findings next Monday.



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