Qualified candidates in North Strabane

February 5, 2014

I am a 13-year resident of North Strabane Township and I have spent nine of those 13 years serving on the North Strabane planning commission. While I cannot speak for all of the candidates who have voiced a desire to be appointed to the board of supervisors, I can speak for many of them.

Harold Close and Marcus Staley continue to serve on the planning commission in a responsible and professional manner; however, they have only been appointed to the planning commission for a relatively short period of time, a small fraction of the time that Rita Polansky served on the planning commission.

Polansky served on the planning commission for at least a decade and always brought intelligence, insight, and professionalism to any discussion. Although Polansky no longer serves on the planning commission, she continues to be very active in service within the North Strabane and Canonsburg communities.

Brooks is a former member of the board of supervisors and most recently ran for a seat on the board. He amassed a substantial number of votes and bested fellow candidate Neil Kelly by only 18 votes.

As for Kelly, during the 13 years that I have lived here, I think I can count on one hand the number of board of supervisors and planning commission meetings that Kelly has not attended. Quite frankly, other than Polansky, I do not know of many other residents of North Strabane who are as well informed or actively serve within their community as these two people.

The current board of supervisors for North Strabane has three exceptionally qualified candidates in Polansky, Kelly and Brooks. It really should not be difficult to chose two people from that exceptional group of three.

Katharine Stayduhar



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