North Franklin working to replace bridge

February 6, 2014

In regards to Bob Sabot’s letter, which appeared in the Jan. 30 edition of the Observer-Reporter, my dad is Sil Passalacqua, chairman of the board of supervisors. And since my business is really dependent upon the bridge on Franklin Farms Road entering Crown Center, I have a little more skin in the game than Sabot on the subject.

Maintenance is keeping pavement up. It’s painting the guard rails. It’s removing the snow. It’s painting the lines. It’s just that, maintenance.

It is not replacing the rotting infrastructure. The bridge belongs to the township and it is not a maintenance situation. And I know how hard my father and the supervisors are working to find funding to fix the bridge. Sabot’s suggestion at a township meeting to close the bridge is not fair to the people Sabot’s letter stated the supervisors should be paying attention to.

And it’s a dumb idea for all of us who have a business in the mall or in Washington Square. Maybe when the township took over the bridge, the agreement should have been more defined and not subject to such loose interpretation and debate.

Michael Passalacqua


North Franklin working to replace bridge


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