We now have an “entitlement generation”

February 8, 2014

How do you like President Obama or any of the other derelict minions in Congress who lack innate independent thinking?

Seniors over age 70 are paying for maternity care, abortions and contraceptives, thousands of dollars in school taxes, even though we have no children in school, and more tax on gasoline, even as there is a gas and oil boom in Pennsylvania. I assume there are no competent citizens or corporations in Pennsylvania due to the intent to contract the Pennsylvania Lottery out to foreigners as they did the turnpike.

The “Greatest Generation” believed that they could do the impossible immediately and miracles would take a little longer. I pray that I am incorrect, but younger people appear to be part of the “Entitlement Generation.” Adversity, not entitlements, build character. Critical tasks in the current society appear to be impossible or unattainable. This appears to be a “thing” society instead of a “people” society. Easy wrong decisions or tough right decisions? More often than not, the choice is the easy wrong decision.

Ron Lemley

Mt. Morris


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