Raise the minimum wage

February 11, 2014

The question about the minimum wage needs to be addressed. I am a Republican who used to be a registered Democrat. I do not always agree with the Republicans, nor always disagree with the Democrats. I have never voted a straight party ticket in my life.

In 1968, I worked at a golf course for minimum wage, which was $1.15 per hour. I received a wage increase to $1.30 per hour in 1969 when the minimum wage was increased. After graduation, I got a job in a glass factory at $2.30 per hour. In 1973, I went to work in a coal mine at $4.95 per hour. Working at minimum wage helped me gain experience and move up.

In 1968, a new home cost $26,000 and the median income was $7,700. Eggs cost 53 cents per dozen and bread was around $1 per loaf. The average price for a gallon of gasoline was 27 cents.

I will be calling U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy and U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and asking them to support raising the minimum wage. Sure, some people will lose. It might cause a few employers to hire fewer employees. But there will be some winners. There will be increased revenue for state and local governments. The federal government might gain a few extra dollars. The real winners might be the ones who receive the raise. I know that every time I got a raise, I felt better. I wanted to try harder.

I will say this again: Raise the minimum wage.

Dave Vukmanic


Raise the minimum wage


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