Not hurrying back to Subway

February 17, 2014

With the recent revelations of Subway’s use of azodicarbonamide to soften and hasten their bun-baking process, it is absolutely an abomination to me and to others who frequented Subway over the years.

What hypocrisy and betrayal for Subway to advertise and promote their product as a healthy and nutritional option, and then to surprise us all with the addition of their “secret” baking and color-enhancing chemical.

Our wonderful government with all of its agencies, plus the money-grubbing segment of corporate America, completely failed us. With a supposed increase in intelligence, one would think our citizens would have been better served and protected. Who failed us on this?

Needless to say, I do not think that I will be hurrying back to Subway soon.

Raymond A. Catalano


Not hurrying back to Subway


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