Taking exception to Paul Krugman

February 17, 2014

I must take exception to Paul Krugman’s column of Feb. 7 on Republicans and the Affordable Care Act. Krugman is entitled to his opinion and have it printed even if the majority of Americans don’t agree with him. He is entitled to interpret facts according to his version of economics, even though most economists adhere to a different version.

Krugman can write his interpretation of facts, but he cannot make up the facts or misstate lies as facts. He may be a cheerleader for this White House. It almost looks like Obama’s writers wrote the Feb. 7 column. The entire column is the opposite of the truth. You must follow sources that tell the truth.

I am a conservative, but I also follow some liberal sources that tell the truth. I might not agree with their ideology, but I agree with their facts.

John Loughman

West Finley

Taking exception to Paul Krugman


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