Make up the school delays, too

February 22, 2014

Most students love it. Most teachers love it, too. I am speaking of those infamous and all-too-common two-hour school delays due to “winter weather.”

Giving individual school districts the power to arbitrarily institute a two-hour delay with no classroom make-up is a disservice to students’ education as well as a form of skirting the 180-day rule that mandates students are in the classroom for that number of days. As everyone is aware, according to state law, it is not required that the shortened school days be made up, whereas a cancelled school day must be made-up.

It is wrong to count a two-hour delay as a full day toward the 180-day mandate. As of Wednesday, the McGuffey School District has instituted 15, two-hour school delays and eight cancellations this school year. Many other school districts are not too far behind in the count. Based on a six-hour, full teaching day in the McGuffey School District, those missed hours due to the delays already translate into five full days of school that will not have to be made up.

Even though students may be given additional homework in an attempt to make-up those lost days, there is no substitute for effective teacher instruction. For those five accumulated missed days, my tax dollars are still being spent to pay the teachers for time that they are not working at teaching students in the classroom.

Let’s not short-change ourselves by legally skirting around the law due to inclement weather conditions and by not making-up the lost hours and days.

Marc A. Simon


Make up the school delays, too


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