Don’t hide intolerance behind Christian label

February 22, 2014

This is in response to the comments from Ralph Gatten in his Feb. 13 letter.

As an imperfect but forgiven Christian, in his words, he states that he is not being judgmental, yet uses the word “deviant” to describe gay marriage, which he admits make makes no sense to him. That is being judgmental.

We do have young, impressionable children who are being forced to live a lie and try to be something they are not so that they are not considered deviants by people like Gatten. The example I want to set, and the legacy I wish to leave, is of a tolerant, compassionate human being who did not put anyone down because they were “different.” Gatten is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he shouldn’t hide his intolerance behind a guise of being a Christian.

John Pagano


Don’t hide intolerance behind Christian label


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