An Unchristian welcome to Washington

February 22, 2014

Oh my! I had to wonder if Mother Teresa is turning over in her grave after I read for the second time in the Observer-Reporter about The Rev. William Feeney of the Immaculate Conception Parish publicly voicing his displeasure over the possibility of his church being a neighbor to transient workers from the oil and gas industry.

Workers providing a living for themselves and, in many cases, for their families back home. What a nice Christian welcome to Washington County from not only a group of local politicians, but also a man of the cloth.

After that warm welcome, why would any transient workers in our area consider a permanent move with their families to Washington County, or even consider attending one of our churches?

Heaven forbid if anyone wanted to turn the building into a homeless shelter. I wonder, would The Rev. Feeney then consider standing outside holding a protest sign? Shame!

Rebecca L. Simpson


An Unchristian welcome to Washington


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