Kasunich should be fired

Kasunich should be fired

February 26, 2014

After reading the Feb. 19 letter, “Give Kasunich a chance,” supporting Paul Kasunich, superintendent of the Trinity Area School District, I had to express my views on the subject.

As a taxpayer in the Trinity School District and a parent of a child enrolled there, I have a vested interest in the matter. The superintendent makes decisions on how tax dollars are spent and how children are educated. Kasunich has shown in the two times he made headlines for brushes with the law that he is a person not making the best personal decisions, and certainly not the best role model for the staff or the students whose education he is responsible for.

He was given a second chance after he was accused of domestic abuse because the charge was dropped. He is currently accused of driving under the influence and almost hitting a police car, smelling of alcohol and stumbling when ordered out of his vehicle.

The Trinity School Board needs to look at the big picture and relieve Kasunich of his duties without pay. In other words, fire him.

Dennis Croft

North Franklin Township


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