Kudos to artists and their mentors

Kudos to artists and their mentors

February 26, 2014

On Friday evening, I attended the opening reception of the 2014 Gold Key Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards at the Artbeat Gallery in Waynesburg. My main reason for attending was to hear my niece Emily Black read her Gold Key-winning memoir.

What I saw and heard at the opening reception was an impressive collection of works of art by the middle and high school students in our tri-state area. Their creativity, energy and enthusiasm were quite inspiring as they explained their work and what prompted them to write, paint, sculpt or draw their award-winning pieces.

I encourage everyone to support the arts and drive to the Artbeat Gallery in Waynesburg to view the exhibited works. You will be amazed and uplifted by the great talent of our adolescents. Their award-winning efforts are to be celebrated and congratulated.

And kudos to Jim and Linda Winegar, who own the gallery, and all of our local artists who mentor and encourage the next generation to pursue the arts.

Sister Sue Fazzini



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