Gov. Corbett resumes powers after hernia surgery

  • By MARK SCOLFORO February 27, 2014

Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Gov. Tom Corbett had successful hernia surgery in Pittsburgh Thursday and briefly turned over the reins of power to his lieutenant governor.

Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley was in charge of the state from 7:10 to 8:35 a.m., when the governor emerged from anesthesia, Corbett’s office said. By midmorning, Corbett was on his way home to recover at his home in Shaler, said press secretary Jay Pagni.

“He was in great spirits as he left” Allegheny Outpatient Surgical Center, Pagni said.

Dr. John J. Raves performed the repair of an abdominal hernia, a procedure considered routine. Corbett’s office said the surgery was performed with a laparoscope.

Corbett, 64, has no scheduled events in the coming days and is expected to return to Harrisburg by Monday.

Corbett has lost about 35 pounds since last summer.

The Republican governor had back surgery at the same hospital in May 2011, his first year in office, to address spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that can cause pain and reduce activity. In that case, he spent two days at the hospital.

Corbett also had angioplasty to clear a blocked artery after a mild heart attack in 1997.


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