Athletes encouraged to stay hydrated

March 1, 2014

After reading the “No water makes no sense” letter last Sunday, I am compelled to retort.

While it is true that the field house at Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School does not allow food or beverages for spectators to be consumed in the stands, the policy does not apply to student athletes who are participating in sports. All participants are permitted and encouraged to stay hydrated.

Jennifer Rush, who wrote the letter, was not in attendance at the coaches meeting prior to the event. The teams’ representatives were told by WPIAL officials and school administration that beverages for the participating wrestlers were, in fact, allowed for the WPIAL section championships. Water was provided to the wrestlers during injury time-outs and other breaks during the event as well.

All announcements made during the event were specifically directed towards the fans in the stands. Considering I attend nearly every event at the field house, fans continually try to circumvent the policy and then become upset when asked to finish their drink or food in the designated area. Furthermore, this policy has been enforced at many other events at various high school gymnasiums that I have visited.

So for Rush to embellish, fabricate and then have the audacity to allude to a school as being negligent to the safety and welfare of student athletes, is unconscionable. To the contrary, the policy of no food or drink for fans is a consistent message that is sent to ensure the safety of the playing area in which the student athletes participate.

David L. Davis


David L. Davis is an announcer for sporting events at Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School.

Athletes encouraged to stay hydrated


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