The rewards of owning a dog

March 1, 2014

Rescue and reward. This is just how it is when the decision has been made to give shelter to a dog.

The photo that appeared in the Monday edition of the Observer-Reporter featuring Alex Gamrat of South Park holding the dog Ruby caught my attention, as it captured what is special between man and dog. Gamrat was holding Ruby like a prayer within his arms, and Ruby, giving herself up to the moment, finding complete comfort and safety in Alex’s embrace.

We humans will go to any lengths to find love, companionship, honesty, and faithfulness when the embodiment of all things good waits for us within the confines of an animal shelter. Just revisit that photo of Gamrat, and his face explains the deal we made a long time ago with canines. It’s priceless.

I am an owner of two rescues, a Boston Terrier and a Pit Bull mix. The Pit, a notoriously misunderstood character, is my best friend and quite happy to do just about anything. The Boston Terrier, the original clown, is, well, a clown. Honestly, I’m not sure at times which one of us has been rescued, but the reward is mutual.

Give these dogs a chance. Yes, there will be moments of frustration. Let’s face it, we invite them into our homes and expect them to be domesticated within 24 hours. It takes time. With enough patience, they will learn manners under a thoughtful and loving hand.

The Observer Reporter gave Ruby and her kind a special gift by featuring her beautiful face on the front page.

Susan Bartoletti


The rewards of owning a dog


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