Pavilion should be supported

March 1, 2014

I was very glad to learn of the support of the Whiskey Rebellion Festival committee for the proposed Main Street Farmers Market pavilion from Mike Jones’ article in Tuesday’s Observer-Reporter.

I think I express the opinion of many residents when I agree with Washington Councilman Joe Manning, who said, “Of all the things we’ve tried to refocus in the downtown area, the farmers market is by far the most successful event we have on the main street.” Many of my friends and acquaintances say the farmers market is one of the best things about Washington.

I have been waiting to hear updates about the proposed pavilion. There’s been a vague rumor circulating among farmers market attendees that something would be built. The community needs to be better informed in order to become willing donors. I’m sure there are people working on it, but maybe they need some encouragement. We are victims of the “Oh, someone else can do that” syndrome.

There are many Washington residents who would support and work together to further the fundraising for this project. I am willing to help. There may have been some effort to drum up interest at the farmers market over the past two years, but I missed it if it was there. That would seem to be a prime audience to tap.

This letter is written with the hope that others will accept the same challenge that the Whiskey Rebellion Festival has. We will all greatly benefit from such a structure downtown.

Clair Cannon

East Washington


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