Politicians lack climate-change knowledge

March 2, 2014

Some 90 million miles from Earth is the sun, from which we get all our energy. There are also between 37,000 to 78,000 tons of dust settling on the Earth per year from asteroids and meteors. Yet we are told that it’s man who is causing climate change because we drive cars and burn coal. The political class, and some scientists, wring their hands and tell us that our only hope to avoid imminent destruction is to raise taxes on everything, spend more money, and put several thousand coal miners out of work. Man’s puny ability to significantly affect climate is doubtful to me, if nature and physics have other plans for us.

However, if scientists, climatologists and physicists would all come together as a group and tell me for sure that I’m causing climate change, I’d have to accept it and act accordingly. But it seems that the politicians are the ones calling most of the shots, decreeing that “the debate is over.”

Interesting to me is that they are even part of the debate since they generally lack any significant training or knowledge of the subject. Their lack of knowledge doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to them. They have a lot to gain politically whether they are right or wrong. We have a lot to lose if they are wrong – higher utility bills, higher taxes and jobs.

Ed Kearney


Politicians lack climate-change knowledge


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