North Strabane woman, others charged in underage drinking parties

March 3, 2014

A North Strabane Township woman was charged last week with corruption of minors and several others were charged by township police with purchase, consumption or possession of liquor after officers discovered two alleged underage drinking parties.

Breck Ann Pugh, 49, of 1205 Pioneer Trail, was charged with two counts of corruption of minors after police said they found two 17-year-old girls who had consumed alcohol at her home Feb. 15. She is accused by police of knowingly allowing the girls to consume alcohol.

Officer Dustin Koch had been asked by Sgt. David Richards to ticket vehicles for on-street parking violations. While on patrol in the Morgan Circle plan, Koch said he saw several vehicles parked in the driveways of 1205 and 1206 Pioneer Trail and in the street on both sides of the road, making it impossible for larger emergency vehicles or plow trucks to get by.

The officer saw wipers working on one of the cars. He said he found Riley C. Poness, 20, of Canonsburg, in the driver’s seat and detected an odor of alcoholic coming from Poness and the vehicle. When Koch asked Poness where he had been drinking, the 20-year-old allegedly pointed to Pugh’s residence and the Mollner residence at 1206 Pioneer Trail. Poness reportedly told police that he and his friends had been hanging out and drinking at both homes. He also allegedly told police that Breck Pugh was home during the party but did not stop underage people from drinking.

Police said nine people under the age of 21 were found inside 1206 Pioneer Trail, and that two 17-year-old girls and an 18-year-old at Pugh’s home showed signs of having consumed alcohol.

Charged by police with purchase, consumption or possession of liquor were Poness and Andrew J. Mollner, 20, who lives in one of the homes, along with Jacob Lee Billy, 19; Jacob Anthony Camerson, 19; Danielle DePaolo, 18; Seraphim Livanos, 20; Matthew T. Maletta, 19; and James D. Siwiak, 20, all of Canonsburg, and Shannon Marie Delaney, 19, of McDonald. Also charged were a 16-year-old Cecil girl, a 17-year-old Cecil girl, a 17-year-old North Strabane girl, a 17-year-old McMurray girl and 17-year-old Washington girl. Police said those charged exhibited signs of intoxication.

Camerson, Delaney and a 17-year-old girl were with Poness in his car when he was initially approached by police. Mollner reportedly told police that a friend purchased the alcohol for him.

Two others, Thomas Fleeher, 21, of Cecil, and Sydney S. McBride, 18, of Strabane, were charged with disorderly conduct after they also were found at one of the parties.

The charges were sent by summons Thursday and Friday from the office of District Judge Jay Weller. Preliminary hearings are set for April 15 before Weller.

Kathie O. Warco has covered the police beat and transportation for the Observer-Reporter for more than 25 years. She graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in journalism.

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