Homophobes are corporate accomplices

March 3, 2014

Bogus ads demonizing the Affordable Care Act, using actors or people who didn’t attempt to find a health plan on the government web site, are funded by big oil under the guise of Americans for Prosperity. They are acting in concert with anti-gay legislators to recruit voters for Republican candidates who will introduce and, if there’s enough of them, pass legislation to achieve the actual goal of enriching oil companies and other corporate millionaires.

Although improvements are needed, Obamacare is here to stay and I think that I’ll live to see all 50 states legalizing gay marriage, and I’m old.

You would have to be pretty stupid to believe in legislation that would allow a Christian business to keep out all who don’t behave in a Christian way. Besides gays, to prove their sincerity, Christian businesses would have to turn away slanderers, adulterers, the greedy and those who do anything but rest on the Sabbath.

So, if you’re voting for Republicans because you think they will repeal Obamacare or “stop the gays from destroying our family,” you are an unwitting accomplice of the fossil fuel, corporate, pharmaceutical and banking industries. The Koch brothers, the Walton family, Pfizer and Goldman Sachs all thank you.

Don DeAngelis



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