Editorial was misinformed about Greene

March 5, 2014

Your Monday editorial on Waynesburg needing more restaurant options is very much misinformed about Greene County.

How can you say that “the food service industry is becoming the cornerstone for economic development in Greene County.”? I guess shopping malls are the cornerstone of economic development then in Washington County. In our park alone, we have two coal-related companies that have expanded their operations, we have FMC Technologies, a Fortune 500 company, currently constructing a building here, and have a closing scheduled for 10 acres with another Fortune 500 gas and oil company and are starting excavation work on a 10 acre parcel for another gas and oil company.

I guess all of these living-wage workers will need someplace to eat.

Donald Chappel


Chappel is the executive director of Greene County Industrial Developments, Inc.


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