Mystery Photo No. 57

March 16, 2014

We weren’t aware that blowing bubbles with gum was a competitive sport, but it must have been at some time in our local history.

These four youngsters were photographed in mid-puff as two adults (a coach and referee?) looked on.

From the markings on the back, we’re pretty sure this week’s Mystery Photo was published in the newspaper, but we have no idea when. The picture turned up in our Waynesburg office, so that might offer our readers a clue.

If you think you recognize these people or can name the location or the date the picture was taken, email Park Burroughs, retired executive editor, at, or call and leave a message for him with your telephone number at 724-222-2200, extension 2400. With a little luck and your help, we’ll be able to solve this puzzle and publish our findings next Monday.



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