Putin provides protective strength to Ukraine

March 18, 2014

The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has roots in Ukraine, was a bit upset with Vladimir Putin in a column that appeared last Sunday.

He did not tell us that Putin’s Russia was trying to save the Ukrainians from the European Central Bank’s outrageous, usurious loans. Putin offered Ukraine financial help. The association with the European Union seemed more ritzy to the Ukrainians in the west, no doubt. The eastern Ukrainians prefer Putin’s Russian alliance and his brotherly, protective strength.

Some Ukrainians remember the debts caused by usurious loans extended to Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Iceland. I hope that Kristof remembers that Putin wanted to prevent this neighbor and valued trading partner from potential slavery to debt.

Many people would like to know: Will the EU in the near future be called the United States of Europe or the Holy Roman Empire? Time will tell.

Clifford Higgins



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