Who was minding the store at DEP?

March 18, 2014

It was really reassuring to read the statement from Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) spokesman John Poister that “any time you’re dealing with something as dangerous as chlorine, we want to make sure it’s up to standards.”

Isn’t this the same John Poister who, less than a year ago, assured the public that a truckload of radioactive waste from a Marcellus Shale drilling site had been “properly disposed of,” then later reported that it hadn’t, and still later that it had finally been shipped off to an approved landfill?

The DEP is clearly on top of the problem at the Tri-County Water Authority. But who was minding the store at the DEP when the authority went 47 months without submitting the required chemical waste discharge reports? I would assume that if the authority was supposed to file these reports monthly, someone at the DEP was supposed to receive them and record, or at least file them, monthly.

George Carter



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