Some facts about Deemston

March 27, 2014

Concerning the article that appeared in the March 16 edition of the Observer-Reporter about young mayors in Washington County, a lot of what was reported as fact about Deemston is fiction.

The mayor of Deemston was not involved at all in the renovation and restoration of the Deemston Borough building. The project was nearing completion when Courtney Kubicar was elected in November 2009. When she took office in January 2010, the building was completed and awaiting final inspection by the U.S. Rural Development Office, the agency that provided the lion’s share of the funding. The building was occupied in March 2010. The entire project was overseen by Mark Yohe, borough council’s vice president, who spent countless hours working on the project. The mayor’s role in the project was cutting the ribbon at the dedication ceremony in June 2010.

As for the $100,000 grant Kubicar said came from the Department of Community and Economic Development, it came from the first round of gaming money available from the county commissioners. I know, as I made the presentation requesting funding before the Redevelopment Authority of Washington County.

Concerning the borough’s budget, it is developed and overseen by council and not the mayor. The same is true for the supervision of the road crew. And, as for having inmates picking up trash along the roads, this process was established well over 10 years ago and not something that was just recently initiated.

As an aside, there are seven council members and the mayor only votes on items if council members are absent and there is a tie vote.

And, finally, regarding running for office in Deemston unopposed, it is the norm. I was elected to my first term as a council members in 1998 with 11 write-in votes and I wasn’t even a candidate. In fact, I was re-elected to a fifth term this past November with six write-in votes and declined the office.

William L. Beck


Beck is the former president of Deemston Borough Council.


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