Beware Senate Bill 76

March 29, 2014

I am wondering how many Pennsylvania citizens are aware of Senate Bill 76?

The bill sounds wonderful, as it is supposed to get rid of school property taxes. Then, you find out the number of items that will be taxed at 7 percent in most counties. Allegheny and Philadelphia counties will be taxed at 8 percent. I went on to the Internet to do some research and here is a partial list of the proposed items to be taxed: Personal hygiene products, newspapers, adding at the least $12 to our yearly Observer-Reporter subscription, magazines, clothing and footwear, non-prescriptions drugs, flags, caskets and burial vaults and so on.

Many believe it will save them money, but it won’t for those who use these and other services. I suggest citizens read up on this new 7 percent tax and see what is covered and how the money will be dispersed to your school district.

Gov. Tom Corbett promised no new taxes. Well, the governor and his party have broken that promise.

Mary Ellen Egbert



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