PennDOT is off the mark

March 30, 2014

I read your story Wednesday about the increased costs of the I-70 work at Bentleyville and feel that PennDOT is totally off the mark with the proposed work.

The major safety issue as I see it is merging onto I-70 traveling east. The new version incorporates the existing on-ramp, which demands that drivers look over their shoulders before getting on the highway. Ask your fire department and emergency workers where most of the accidents have occurred.

Also, the existing Route 917 exit could become a loop around to the cemetery, eliminating the six-lane bridge but would need an additional, less expensive, two-lane bridge to cross Pigeon Creek. That way, we are not disrupting as many families, and are not rewarding political friends. Better yet, come into the new century with an access road from Route 917 to the truck stop area so that the trucks can maneuver more easily.

I just came in from driving that route and all the exits. The consultants should do the same, then come back with a better solution.

Bob Spence



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