Real evil in us, not gun

April 9, 2014

After another mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, the media will likely talk about post-traumatic stress disorder, adequate mental health care for our military and gun control to affix blame.

Yet many people do recall childhood days when such carnage was unknown in America. We should search out deeper ills in the American social fabric. Though not prompted this time by religious hatred, the Fort Hood shooter’s use of lethal force against his own was apparently prompted on personal hatred from a perceived insult.

America has embraced violence as a solution to problems and issues. From bullying and hazing to road rage, domestic violence and mass shootings, we encounter hatreds, personal provocations and revenge-seeking. We watch movies and joke about such terminology – payback, getting even, exacting pounds of flesh.

Man, left to himself, will tend to overprosecute and punish wrongdoing against him.

The real evil is within us, not the gun. America has run away from its Christian roots and, in its violent entertainment, approves and glorifies carnage to settle personal scores. Let us affix the blame on ourselves, return to the God of the Bible and invite “peace to men of good will.”

John and Nancy Miller



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