Too much time dedicated to sports

April 9, 2014

The Wednesday poll question asked what was more important to high school students, sports or arts. My opinion is t while both are nice, if they take time away from core subjects or study time then both should be removed.

Entirely too much time is dedicated to sports. While this is done outside of school hours, the long practices leave little time for study. If practice is limited to one hour per day then sports can stay, but don’t let failing students compete.

The other issue is the cost of sport. School budgets need to be reserved for education, and sports should be placed on a pay-to-play basis. Face it, no one wants to see taxes raised to pay for stadiums or trips to Florida for spring baseball, but we get stuck with the cost anyway. Schools are beginning to see the financial resources are limited, and at some point I expect the unions to come to the same conclusion. Sports and arts are nice, but how many students place everything on them and end up with a poor education and limited prospects?

As these students go to college, it gets even worse. There is no way most college athletes have time to take serious courses and maintain passing grades when they must practice over two or three hours per day.

George Dawes


Too much time dedicated to sports


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