Waynesburg council to hold hearing on increasing parking fines

April 14, 2014

WAYNESBURG – Waynesburg Borough Council agreed Monday to hold a public hearing to revise the borough’s parking ordinance to increase fines for parking violations and approved plans for the annual cleanup days.

Council voted last month to increase the fines for parking violations, which were unchanged since 1986.

The current $5 fines for violations including parking meter violations, parking too far from the curb and parking in more than one spot, will increase to $10. The borough will also eliminate the discount for meter violations that are paid on the same day.

Parking in a loading zone will increase from $5 to $20.

The fine for violating the two-hour parking limit in areas downtown that do not have meters also will increase from $5 to $20. However, motorists who violated the two-hour limit and are ticketed once will be ticketed again every two hours if the vehicle is not moved.

Borough solicitor Linda Chambers told council Monday she prepared the ordinance revisions. Council agreed to hold a public hearing on the revisions at 5:30 p.m. before its next regular meeting May 12.

The hearing also will be for a revision in the littering ordinance, increasing the fine from $5 to $25 and adding cigarette butts to the list of items defined as litter.

Council agreed to hold the borough’s cleanup days Thursday through Saturday, May 8, 9 and 10. This is the first year the borough will hold a cleanup Saturday.

Borough manager Mike Simms said the borough this year also will accept electronic equipment, such as computers, televisions and tires. A $2 fee will be charged for passenger and light truck tires; a higher fee for larger tires.

Borough residents can take their unwanted items to the borough street department on First Street between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. those days. A borough crew also will pick up items at a resident’s home for $25 for half a truck load and $50 for a full truck load.

Simms said the borough hopes property owners will take advantage of the free disposal service and clean up around their homes.

Council approved a right of way agreement with Vantage Energy that will allow the company to build an access road across the old borough dump property off Wayne Road in Franklin Township to access a proposed well site.

The company will pay the borough $44,000 for the right of way. The company also leased the borough gas rights for the dump property and will pay the borough royalties once wells in that area begin producing gas.

Council approved an agreement with the engineering firm Gannett Fleming to assess the borough’s sewage treatment plant and investigate ways the borough can possibly work with the Franklin Township Sewer Authority to share services.

Gannett Fleming is the Franklin authority’s engineer. The borough will pay the firm $20,000 and is seeking grant money to recover the costs.

Fayette Engineers was working on a plan for the borough to eliminate surface water infiltration into the sewage system to prevent overflows at the plant. That engineering work was put on hold last month until additional tests could be done to better identify where surface water is entering the system.

Council voted to cancel the summer playground program for youth but instead agreed to hire a playground supervisor for Central Park for the summer.

Councilman Dar Fitch said few children participated in the program and on a good day he doubted there were 13 to 14 children there. Mark Fischer agreed, saying the $10,000 the borough spends on the program could be put to better use and the county offers a similar day camp program for youth borough children could participate in.

Councilman Bryan Johnston said he didn’t want to see local children “abandoned” and for some the borough’s program was the only option. He introduced the motion to hire a supervisor for the park for the summer.

Council agreed to purchase security cameras for the borough building, sewage plant and street department offices.

Fischer suggested the borough consider a notification procedure for water outages. Last Tuesday, a water line break resulted in an outage between about 1:30 and 6 a.m. for much of the borough.

Bob Niedbala worked as a general assignment reporter for the newspaper for 27 years in the Greene County bureau. He received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh.

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