Police looking for driver who fired shots at truck

April 15, 2014

State police are looking for the driver of a black Jeep who fired three shots at a truck driver late Monday on Route 844 in Independence Township during a road rage incident.

Clyde E. Trout, 58, of Mingo Junction, Ohio, told the trooper that the Jeep passed his vehicle and then slowed down, hitting his brakes. Trout then passed the Jeep on the left.

The driver of the Jeep speeded up and would not allow Trout to move his rig back into the right lane. The driver then fired three shots at the truck. One shot hit the right front tire, another hit the fuel tank strap and a third hit the cab steps. Police found two fired casings and a fired bullet at the scene.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 724-223-5200.



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