September 1, 2015

Disarming protesters in Eastern Ukraine

Apr 17

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Igor Kolomoyskiy, head of the Dnepropetrovsk state regional administration. Photo provided by Olga Shestopalova.

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Journalist Olga Shestopalova writes about cultural affairs for TV Plus, the Observer-Reporter's partner newspaper in Slaviansk, in eastern Ukraine. She visited the Washington area several years ago as part of our newspapers' exchange program.

In Donbass, we are tired of news about Ukrainian militia and military forces betraying the Motherland. A lot of them have changed the stripes of the Ukrainian flag on their forearms to the Georgian stripe, which has become the symbol of the Russian occupation.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoyskiy, who is the head of Dnepropetrovsk state regional administration, has proposed the remuneration for the fight against the separatists in Donbass. His assistant, Boris Filatov, has written on his Facebook account, “I thought a lot about the occurrences in Donetsk and Lugansk. I have a conclusion that this is the revolution of poverty. The rebellion is made up of tired, desperate people who are not heard by authorities. They`ve been provoked to separatism by Yanukovich`s clique who pinched people and now pay them stolen money for split.” Igor Kolomoisky’s idea is to use the situation against the robbers.

The offer from the Dnepropetrovsk governor is a lot of money for every barrel/gun returned to state. He promises to pay $1000 for carbine, $1500 for machine-guns and $2000 for every grenade cup discharges returned by rebels. He will also pay $10,000 for every captive occupant, so called “green men.” And even more, for every municipal building released from occupants, he will pay $200,000.

Social networks are now bursting with discussion from this announcement. People from other regions will now disarm the aggressors.

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