Corporations should be responsible, too

April 19, 2014

In this era of greater demands for personal responsibility, isn’t it ironic that corporations aren’t held to the same standards?

Mitt Romney once famously said “corporations are people too, my friend.” So how can it ever make sense for a company to ask its workers for concessions while its CEO takes millions of dollars in bonus money? How can it make sense for this company to eliminate the promise of retiree health care while spending millions more to name a stadium in Cleveland? How can it close two power plants and claim no negative impact on an already fragile electrical grid system? How can it systematically, through attrition, cut its workforce in half and then expect a now-aging workforce to cover an ever-expanding territory by resource-sharing and still maintain a high quality of response and repair?

Thanks West Penn Power. Thank you First Energy. Future reliability requires not only better maintenance, but also a company that supports its workers.

Kevin L. Necciai



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