Grateful for Jewish friends

April 22, 2014

How sad to learn of the hate crimes against Jews in our own country. As a Christian, I am so grateful for the blessings they have passed on to us.

Most of our Bible was written by Jews as guided by God. They are the ones who have so carefully preserved it. Jewish men like Abraham and Moses are heroes to Christians and Jews alike. In addition, our Savior, Jesus Christ, was a rabbi. His life has impacted the world like no other.

With the celebration of Passover just ending, Christians must remember that Jesus celebrated the Passover at the Last Supper, and that he died as our Passover Lamb and arose on the Jewish Feast of Firstfruits. There should be no hatred, but only love, respect and gratitude for our Jewish friends.

Grace E. Roofner


Grateful for Jewish friends


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