Say no to the Common Core “circus”

April 26, 2014

This is in response to David Brooks’ column, “Look out when the ideological circus around U.S. education descends,” which appeared in the Tuesday edition.

It appears that when the Common Core circus comes to town, Brooks will be the ringmaster, having the lions and elephants exhibit their precise, rote performances in exact unison as programmed by their trainers. Of course, Common Core animals are trained to perform for an audience’s amusement, which is accomplished by the trainers taking whip and electric prod in hand and beating the circus animals into submission.

The animal teachers have no tolerance for deviation. Each and every animal must follow his exact program, no matter if the animal has a special talent that should be embraced and advanced. All must follow the training program – exactly.

Fortunately, we are seeing many states reject the uniform curriculum created by the enlightened ones in Washington, D.C.

I do love the ringmaster’s comments that in the old English standard, the students were encouraged to read a book and write a report. How quaint and trivial. Now the new and enlightened method is for the student to “pick out specific passages for study.” Oh yeah, that’s going to work.

The fact is the circus – Common Core – has come to town, but the bleachers are empty. You know that something is wrong when teachers’ unions begin to reject a program.

Pat Verona



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